A Gift of Song


This was a fantastic opportunity! My song is now my inspiration when I’m feeling stuck or knocked down. It was beautifully written and performed. I truly love this one of a kind gift. Meaghan was easy to work with, fun, and cared as much about the song as I did. She was also very patient with me as I worked on writing the song with her. I would highly recommend this experience for anyone who wants to give a gift that will forever be remembered.

Lisa - Washington, DC

Great Jingle
Mature Woman


My daughter gave me a song for Mother's Day. I am an EFT practitioner and I decided to have a song written for tapping. The first draft Meaghan gave me was wonderful. I was shocked that she had taken my idea and understood exactly what I wanted. Her talent comes so easily to her that I'm not sure she understands how good it is.

Nancy - USA

Great Experience
Image by Dave Francis


This was a fantastic experience. I gave it to my niece as a 14th birthday present. She used the opportunity to make an inspirational song to get herself pumped up for dance team competitions and general high school challenges. Meaghan the songwriter worked with her via skype. My niece loved being a contributor to the song and absolutely loves the final product. Meaghan is talented but also very personable and great to work with. Definitely a great gift !

Susanne - Boston, MA

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Meaghan wrote a wedding song for us almost eight years ago...It is still one of my favorite songs and will be forever!  It continues to remind me of all the reasons my husband and I fell in love in the first place and it takes me back to our wedding day every time I hear it.  Not only is the melody beautiful and Meaghan's voice extraordinary but the lyrics tell our story, nothing could be more meaningful than that.
Trilogy - Seattle, WA

Special Christmas
Grandma and Grandchild in Embrace

The song, "You Made My Life," was so much more than I had imagined.  It was a Christmas gift to my four children.  My 44-year-old son cried when he heard it as did my daughter.  The heartfelt thanks I received from all of them was very unexpected.  They all have it downloaded and cherish it.  Even my Grandchildren know it by heart and sing along when it's being played.  It's amazing!!!  The words, the music, along with Ms. McElderry's beautiful voice all helped to make Christmas special.

Judy - Longview, WA